I’m scheduled to meet with US Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) next week to discuss specialty tier medications and how medicare and commercial insurance policies are preventing patients from accessing life-saving medications. Anyone else negatively affected by specialty tier pricing? I’d love to share your stories as well as mine.


  • Unknown

    “Indignities of chronic illness”-Thank you for writing this. “I read and write like it’s an addiction” me too-thank you for writing this as well. As you write: “I also happen to have” cancer/ my son Stevens Johnson TEN/ constant battle to keep his sight.Re: your question about specialty tier medications: yes. That includes surgeries. Too long for this post. But glad to find you. I send you my best. You are not alone. Thank you for helping me feel same through your writing.

  • Lauren Elyse

    Hi there! I have definitely be affected – I have psoriatc arthritis and I’m currently taking Humira on alternate weeks. I had a great response to it for about 9 months before it started to wear off well before I was due for my next dose. My rheumatologist and I have been fiddling with other medications (sulfasalazine, methotrexate, etc) in hopes of finding a combination that will work for about 6 months now. At my last appointment, a month ago, we decided to try for increasing the frequency of Humira. I am still waiting on a decision from insurance as to whether or not this will be covered.

    Thank you for gathering these stories and for trying to make a difference for all of us. Let me know if I can help you!

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