Praise to the Janus god prednisone!

“Janus” (oil on panel) by Mary Jean Ansell

My hands are back. In all their crocheting, jewelry-making, baking, yoga-doing glory.

The dark cloud of MTX has lifted from my whole life—along with the wolf that gnaws on the joints in my fingers, wrists, and elsewhere.

I know prednisone isn’t a long-term solution, but for now, it’s given me a facsimile of my old life back.

And for that I’m thankful.

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  • Displaced

    Doesn’t it suck that something that helps so much has so many problem side effects? I blogged about this a couple of months back after my immunologist asked me if I would prefer 10 years pain free and an early death due to diabetes or to suffer on… Later other blood tests ruled out prednisone as an option.
    Take care Megan!

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