Self-injection, Pity Parties, and Speckled Cells

I like my new rheumatologist. So far she seems insightful, focused, and kind. She wants me to give the MTX another month at a higher dose, but she’s going to have me switch to the injectable form. They’ll do the first injection in the office this Friday afternoon, but from there I’m on my own. Gulp. Time to ask my Type 1 diabetic friends for pointers. In the meantime, I discovered that my ANA appears in the speckled and nucleolar staining patterns. I find the details and vocabulary of the immune system really fascinating.

I ended up spending my whole day at the hospital— between the doctor visit, labs, and xrays—with no lunch. I had to cancel a couple of meetings with my students in the late afternoon which made me really frustrated with myself. I realize of course that I couldn’t know that it would take that long, but by the time I was done (hungry, sore, exhausted, freaked out about self-injection) I just burst into tears in my car. Once that little pity party was over, I drove home and took a nap, which I suppose was the upside to having my schedule totally turned inside out. Instead of feeling pressured to go to campus and cram a bunch of meetings in, I just cancelled everything and went to bed for a few hours. I woke up feeling significantly better than I have in a long time, syringes and wine-free holidays be damned.

In a shining example of why it’s so nice to have a network of fellow spoonie bloggers and twitter denziens, Leslie at Getting Closer to Myself just posted on Sunday about MTX and “The Art of Self-Injection” and talked about a tool that helps the needle-averse do injections. I think I need one. When I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription, the pharmacist asked: “Do you have enough syringes at home?” Umm… no? My injecting experience pretty much stops at basting turkeys and irrigating my gums.

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