Brilliant moment of the day

I’m being sarcastic.

I just purchased a gorgeous new pair of sterling silver earrings yesterday at a local piercing shop that I’d been eyeing for almost three years.

I took them out before I went to bed last night and set them on my nightstand. This morning I woke up to discover that the parts that had been touching my ears and the little bit of skin behind my ears had already tarnished. So I asked my trusty friend google and discovered that one of the main causes of silver tarnish (after humidity… and I’ve no shortage of that) is hydrogen sulfide, aka sulfur gas. Now, I’m not a particularly gassy person, but I also read that people who eat a lot of acidic foods sometimes generate more hydrogen sulfide. I started wondering if there was something especially sulfuric in my diet. Had I been eating more garlic than usual? Was this a weird side effect of the Plaquenil? What was wrong with me?! Then I asked myself: “but why don’t my silver rings tarnish like this? Maybe because I wash my hands a lot?” And BINGO: The answer is that I use a (non-smelly) sulfur-based soap to control inflammation of the skin on my face, neck, chest, and back. I’m literally rubbing my earrings with sulfur every time I wear them.

Mystery solved. I guess it’s time to invest in some Tarn-X.

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